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Mia Hammett is a published Fashion Stylist who got her start in 2015 working as a wardrobe Stylist for Kontrol Magazine and assisting Celebrity Stylist, Julian Lark.  Constantly moving and learning to adapt to new surroundings as a child, she always had to find a way to remain true to herself and style, which has aided in her eclectic and individual fashion aesthetic. She has traveled extensively around the world gaining experience across a multitude of cultures and lifestyles which she incorporates into her everyday style and work. 

Kontrol opened the door for her to work with major brands such as, The Mane Choice,  Revel by JL Cosmetics, Design Essentials, WE T.V.,  and Celebrities Bre-Z from FOX Network Series 'Empire', Joseph Skiora and Rotimi of Starz Networks Series 'Power', the iconic Lynn Whitfield and many more.  

She is a nature loving,  travel hog,  chocolate eating,  lover of laughter, D.I.Y. fanatic who simply enjoys befriending new people and helping them to create a beautiful life.  She is currently pursuing her styling career as a freelance stylist and is the creator and buyer of the online shop Eshe Boutique.


Styling is an indescribable obsession that I can not see myself living with out. It started at a young age, I had very fashion forward parents who always allowed me to rock my own style and do my own thing, with in reason of course. We moved a lot because of my Fathers career and my Mother was an Afrocentric Woman with a dire need to see the World.  I remember visiting other Countries and  being in awe of the culture and the way they incorporated abstract prints and patterns, textures, textiles and rich colors into their everyday lives. Even the vegetation and natural beauty of fruit and the bustling markets intrigued me.  Til this day I'm most inspired when I visit the local Farmers Market and no matter what Country I'm visiting I make it my business to locate the fresh markets.  It's just something  about the hustle of the farmers pushing their products, mixed with the smell of fresh air and bright colors that excites me!


"When you find yourself getting to the end of life's rope. Tie a knot in it and hang on."
                                                                                              -Annette Wallace (my Mother)